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First, the basics

AEGIS Financial Solutions, Inc. is a Virginia corporation chartered in March 1998.

A little more, please?

Like many entrepreneurial ventures, AEGIS Financial Solutions was conceived to fill a need.

It was 1997, and AEGIS president, Mike Lieber, then the owner of a new computer software company relocated his family from Florida to Virginia. Mike and his wife, Jan, AEGIS's Vice President and Real Estate Appraiser, wanted to purchase a home for themselves and their daughter. But he and his family did not fit into the "banker's box" — No two years of income tax returns showing profitability of his business, no W-2s to verify stable income = NO MORTGAGE.

In his spare time, Mike began searching for a solution. He struck gold in late 1997.

What exactly did he discover, you ask?

Mike discovered the then nearly unheard of — and still not widely known — discounted cash flow industry. So intriguing was his find, he devoured every book and on-line resource he could, learning about seller financing, mortgage notes, professional note buyers, and the substantial companies and institutional investors with billions of dollars behind them. With a little creativity and a flexible seller, Mike would be able to buy his family a home.

But he soon learned the cash flow business was not confined to just residential mortgages. In fact, this obscure, but booming cash flow industry was funding all kinds of notes and receivables, eagerly buying them from individuals and businesses alike. From individuals wanting to sell annuity payments, lawsuit settlements, or seeking a lump sum payment for lottery winnings to the entrepreneur looking for commercial real estate financing, business equipment financing or working capital financing, there was a solution for every problem outside the traditional bank loan.

By late 1997, Mike knew he had found his calling: To help people who, like himself, fell through the thin cracks in the banker's box. Developing computer software was an enjoyable, but lonely, vocation; financing the dreams of business owners and people with financial challenges would be a deeply satisfying career.

"Uncommon solutions to common problems" became the motto for the company formed in Fredericksburg, Virginia, in March of 1998.

About Mike Lieber

Mike Lieber Photo

Mike entered the ranks of entrepreneurship early in his life — at the ripe old age of 10 — when he took over a neighborhood newspaper route for his hometown Columbus Citizen-Journal.

"Of course, I didn't realize it at the time, but I was developing skills I would use the rest of my life," he says. "Sales, financial management, collections, customer relations — all those things we must do to run a successful business."

Within the first year, he grew his route nearly 20 percent and the "C-J" formally recognized him with an article featuring his accomplishment.

He got an early start with computers, as well. While in high school, Mike taught himself to program in "basic" on Texas Instrument's TI 94, the first 16-bit home computer available in the U.S.

"My monitor was our family's television, my hard drive was a cassette tape recorder."

A penchant for early starts continued when, in the summer after his junior year in high school, Mike launched an 11-year Army career by enlisting and completing basic training at Fort Knox, Kentucky. While attending Ohio State University, he served in the Army Reserve and the Ohio National Guard, earning an officer's commission in 1984, and a bachelor's degree in 1985.

In early 1986, Mike was off to Fort Sill, Oklahoma, where he was named honor graduate of his artillery officer's basic course. When he was offered his choice of active-duty assignments anywhere in the world, he declined, opting instead to enroll in graduate school at Florida State University.

"It was the best decision I ever made," he says, "because Florida State is where I met my wonderful wife, partner, and best friend for the past 20 years."

After completing his master's degree and earning a certificate in public administration, Mike was hired as a planner with a community planning council in Jacksonville.

"I loved the position," he says, "because I was paid to do something I love to do: Work with people and write!"

The publication of his 1990 study of philanthropy brought Mike to the attention of the regional United Way president, who soon discovered Mike's knowledge of computers when, while meeting with her, he performed a minor tweak on her Mac which she deemed nothing short of miraculous. For the next 6 years, he was United Way's MIS director, eventually rising to the level of Vice President before resigning to start his own company to develop fundraising and accounting software.

Fifteen years as a business owner has given Mike considerable insight into the complexity involved in running a for-profit enterprise and the many hats that an entrepreneur must wear in launching and sustaining a successful company. This is the knowledge and experience he offers all his clients, together with the "can-do" spirit stirring in him since running his first business on the cold, dark mornings of his boyhood paper route.

Most recently, Mike wrote and published the novel you see featured in the sidebar of this site. "Ops Populi: Inception" is the first of a three-part series of political thrillers centered on the theme of a second U.S. constitutional convention. If you are looking for a little timely, thought-provoking entertainment, this book could be for you.

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