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In Search of Fast Money, Sound Advice

If you are faced with an urgent need for a fast money solution, you will hard-pressed to find quicker, more reliable options than those offered by the cash flow industry.

Throughout the pages of, you see that the cash flow business offers many flexible medium and small business finance techniques, as well as lump sum payment options for private contract owners.

What a website cannot convey, however, is our dedication to delivering superior results to each and every client we serve. When you contact us, you will receive the same trustworthy and friendly advice that has been our hallmark for well over a decade.

In partnership with a versatile network of private and non-bank institutional investors, AEGIS Financial Solutions has been in the cash flow business — offering uncommon solutions to common problems — since 1998.

How Can We Help You?

Business Financing

As a smart business owner, you know asset based finance is not only a reliable source of working capital financing, but also a powerful and versatile tool for growing your business. Whether it is factoring accounts receivable, purchase order financing, business equipment financing or commercial real estate financing, AEGIS has your fast money solution!

If your company sells directly to consumers, installment contract financing and credit card factoring are two excellent business financing techniques that can provide you with many of the same benefits offered to clients of business to business factoring programs. Put them to work for you to stabilize cash flow, and give your firm a reliable source of working capital financing and unlimited funding to fuel growth — all without the hassles of bank loans or taking on debt!

Since virtually everything you will ever do as a business owner requires you to spend money, you must have a reliable supply of business capital. There is a limit to how far your personal credit will take you, and using it puts you and your loved ones at financial risk. Learn how to build business credit so that your company will have the ability to obtain its own credit without personal guarantees.

Small Business Consulting and Financial Services

We offer you a unique combination of solid technical know-how, skilled marketing and communications, and expertise in business financing and financial management – all of which are indispensable to attaining great success.

Working closely with you and your management team, we can assist you developing both short-term and long-run growth strategies that will increase your sales, profitability, and streamline your current business practices. We can help you with starting your own business, obtaining small business financing, and developing or re-writing your business plan. Unlike other business consulting firms, we don't hand you your plan and disappear; AEGIS will help you stay on track while you implement it, vastly increasing the probability of achieving your business goals.

Private Contract Funding

We are note buyers.

Turning private contracts that pay their owners over a period of time into a lump sum payment is the solution the cash flow industry has been delivering to individuals for many, many years. Instead of waiting months or even years to get paid, note buyers work with owners of virtually any type of contract to increase the slow trickle of cash to fast money.

If you are receiving periodic payments on a private mortgage note, structured settlement, annuity or other type of contract, we will help you quickly convert all or part of your payment stream into a lump sum of cash.

Why Sould I Choose AEGIS?

In today's business climate, it is unusual to find outstanding service. You know the kind — a company where you interact with real people. Friendly people who make you feel special, more than just another number on an account. Who put your interests and the interests of your business ahead of their own.

"Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success."

—Henry Ford

AEGIS Financial Solutions is just that kind of company. You will receive one-on-one service from a dedicated professional for as long as you are our client. And if fast money is a crucial factor in your business financing request, we will let you know right away if we cannot meet your needs and try to refer you to someone who can.

“Solutions” is not just in our name, it defines who we are, and why we exist. So, whether you choose us to work with you in making your new or existing business a success or you have a private contract to sell,

So whether you came here looking for fast money, sound business advice, or both ...

You can count on us!

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